Statistics are being collected by triangulating data sets from various government departments with a view to better understand the disability landscape in Gibraltar. This will better inform both policy and support moving forward.

We recognise that not everyone with a disability has registered with government and as such, these statistics are only representative of  the data held within HM Government of Gibraltar. Individuals who have a diagnosis and wish to declare themselves or a next of kin as “disabled”, please email the Office.

For the purpose of this exercise, the definition of disability used is as stated in Schedule 3 of Disability Act 2017.

Statistics as derived from the current data available are as follows:

There are approximately 1,400 individuals with a disability or impairment living in Gibraltar. This will change, but at present, this means that it is circa 1 in 24 people. 

98% of disabilities are considered to be hidden disabilities.

Please note that disability statistics are always fluctuating due to the nature of the data and as such, they are correct at the date of publication.

Statistics will continue to be gathered and analysed and they will be updated on this website.

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