There are many reasons as to why behaviours arise. It is important to ascertain the root of the issue so as to be able to manage behaviours appropriately.


Behaviour Specialists help individuals with behavioural, emotional or developmental disorders that impair learning or social functions. They observe, assess and provide support to adults and children by implementing strategies and interventions.


Colin Smith, from CAS Care and Support UK, has been providing behaviour specialist support to Gibraltar for several years. For further information on his work, browse through the website: Cascare And Support


Alaistair Robertson, from Supportive Solutions UK, has been providing training to our professionals for many years. For further information on his work, have a look at his website: 


There are various ways to manage behaviour and it is imperative to learn de-escalation techniques. Alan Benn, from HCEST Training UK, has been providing this service to Gibraltar for many years. For further information, browse through his website:


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