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Yoga Atelier

Yoga Atelier

During overwhelming stressful life experiences our day to day living often gets compromised. We can feel hijacked by our thoughts and body sensations and we don’t feel we live in a reliable body. I help people have

  • A better relationship with their bodies
  • Build self esteem through self empowerment
  • Live in the present moment

My name is Kathryn Fa, I am a body based therapist. I work in English, Spanish and Italian

What I Offer

  • Sessions on embodied movement as a treatment for trauma.
  • Sessions with a combination of psychoeducation and embodied movement.
  • Seminars for school staff and work places on how to be more trauma informed.
The Trauma Centre

More information on the body based therapy TCTSY from the The Trauma Centre

TCTSY is now a recognised as an evidence-based intervention for Complex PTSD by SAMHSA - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. For more information on the evidence base of TCTSY, please visit the Trauma Centre Resources page.

TCTSY Facilitators (TCTSY-F) are trained, supervised and held to account for the ethics and quality of their practice, through the Trauma Centre, Boston.

You may also want to read more information on this specific type of body based treatment for trauma on my website

You are also welcome to contact me to schedule a free 20min chat on for any questions you may have and chat about this type of work.

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